An outstanding example of passive house in the province of Brescia

You might have heard about it, but have you ever seen a passive house up close?

Here it is: 

This is a passive house that we designed in Manerba del Garda (Brescia): an excellent example of sustainable, energy-efficient design.  

A “smart” building to fight indoor pollution, cut energy bills and safeguard our ecosystem: all of this is Baia dei Fiori

To design this house, we drew inspiration from the principles of sustainability and environmental protection, and we employed innovative technologies and materials to reduce energy costs.

This is a great example of how a passive house can perfectly integrate sustainability and high-quality living thanks to the selection of innovative technologies and materials that guarantee environmental protection and a significant reduction in energy demand.

As we always say, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to designing a house, but each project must be shaped according to the surrounding environment and the client’s expectations. 

And this is exactly what we did here. 

<H2> Passive House Baia dei Fiori in Manerba del Garda (Brescia): details of a “smart” project

We work to find the best solution to satisfy our customers’ needs and we guarantee high standards in terms of quality, indoor comfort (thermal, acoustic and air quality), paying special attention to safeguarding the environment. 

And this passive house in Manerba del Garda is the result of our longstanding experience in the field of energy-efficient design.

A building composed of three housing units used as tourist accommodation facility within the camping site Camping Baia Verde certified according to PassivHaus and A-class CasaClima standards. 

Do you know what it means? 

Buildings designed according to such standards stand out as their energy demand is 75% lower than that of new buildings made with traditional methods, with a significant reduction in costs and in terms of CO2 emissions. Without giving up the greatest comfort. 

To put it simply: it’s a building where you can achieve premium living and thermal comfort with minimum energy consumption. 

These are the solutions we implemented to elevate this project: 

  • Concrete vertical and horizontal frame made by the company Fratelli Goffi di Goffi Geom. Giovanni e c. S.N.C., San Felice del Benaco (BS)
  • Porous brick perimeter walls by the company Danesi
  • Drywall interior walls with Knauf system
  • Stone wool thermal insulation of perimeter walls, 24 cm thickness
  • XPS insulation of the sill plate, 25 cm thickness
  • Ceiling structure made from bleached wood and wood plank wall
  • Stone wool thermal insulation of the roof, thickness 34 cm, wood fibre 2 cm
  • Doors and windows produced by the company Internorm, supplied and installed by Baitan serramenti S.R.L, Rodengo Saiano
  • Controlled Mechanical Ventilation, supplied by the company Zehnder
  • Ventilation system made by the company Idraulica di Roncetti Andrea, Roè Volciano (BS)
  • Heat pump, supplied by the company Ochsner
  • Sanitary water system made by the company Idraulica di Roncetti Andrea, Roè Volciano (BS)
  • Iron structure of the balcony independent of the main building
  • Garden irrigation system made with subsurface drip irrigation system
  • Ceramic floors and covering by Ragno, Sassuolo, manufactured by the company Enrico Bertella Ceramiche Di Bertella Nevio e c. snc Toscolano Maderno
  • Iron parts supplied by PSZ di Sergio Samuelli, Salò (BS)
  • Electric power system and lighting system made by the company Security Electronics di Baccolo Dario, Puegnago D.G. (BS)
  • Interior decoration made by EFFETI di Turrini Massimo, Manerba del Garda (BS)

A passive house is the ideal solution for those who are seeking to reduce their environmental footprint and enjoy superior living comfort. And we can help you create a tailor-made, low-energy project to satisfy your needs in Brescia and its province.  

<H3> Design your passive house with us in Brescia and its province

Thanks to a perfect combination of innovative materials, cutting-edge technologies and modern design, this house is a real paradise in terms of sustainability: a house with excellent energy performance that allows you to save money on your energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint, without giving up aesthetics and comfort.

And you too can get the same result: leave your old habits behind and treat yourself to a chance of living in a cutting-edge home, where you can spend less on your energy bill and enjoy a superior quality of life. 

Click here and find out how a passive house can transform your way of living and of interacting with the environment, gifting you with a unique living experience.

Picture of Eng. Roberto Alessi

Eng. Roberto Alessi