Camping Baia Verde in Manerba del Garda (Brescia)

It was a pleasure and an honour for our technical studio to design Camping Baia Verde in Manerba del Garda, a green area entirely surrounded by nature on marvellous Lake Garda. 

We drew inspiration from the beauty of the place and the challenge we faced: to create a cosy and comfortable space where guests could live an unforgettable experience.

The planning was the result of many years of research and analysis in the field of tourism, especially in the field of outdoor tourist facilities. We started from scratch, as there were no buildings present in this area. Our mission was not only to care for the realization of the camping site, but also to organize the management and future development of the facility.

The main concept of the project was to create a space where people could enjoy nature to the fullest. But we never neglected the comfort which each guest looks for when on vacation. This is the reason why we realized a three-storey main building, with main restrooms on the ground floor, a TV room and two solariums on the first floor and one solarium with jacuzzi on the rooftop. These are all top-quality services, designed with attention to details to guarantee premium comfort to all guests.

Moreover, we also realized a second building right next to the pool with a mini-market, a coffee bar, a pizzeria, a restaurant and dedicated shops. The two swimming pools, a circular one for children and the other with a surface of 350 sqm with lagoon, hydromassage station, geyser and led lightning, are the beating heart of the facility. We took care of every detail; we installed some areas with private toilets to be used by all customers.

Camping Baia Verde in Manerba del Garda: great “energy-efficient” comfort

We focused on creating a space which could be fully accessible to people with disabilities as well. In designing the pathways, we avoided placing steps or uneven floors, bathrooms are equipped with ramps, the pool is accessible through the lagoon and the slide underneath the showers. This is what makes Camping Baia Verde a unique experience for all.

And of course, how could we forget about energy efficiency. We placed solar panels to generate sanitary hot water, as well as photovoltaic panels for electricity. Moreover, cutting-edge systems were put in place to monitor water in the swimming pools, for anti-legionella monitoring by means of thermal shock and supplementary chlorination in the sanitary water circuit.

Camping Baia Verde in Manerba del Garda is an eco-friendly oasis of peace, where each guest can live peaceful and calm moments, surrounded by a breath-taking landscape.

We are proud of the job we did and the result we achieved. Camping Baia Verde perfectly embodies our passion and dedication in the field of design. We crafted a place where each guest can feel at home, where each need is taken care of and each detail has been designed with utmost attention. And we are convinced that our commitment helped create a place of great beauty and value, where guests can live unique experiences and create unforgettable memories.

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