The planning studio that supports you in each phase of the project,

for an energy efficient home in Salò, Brescia and its province

We specialize in architectural, structural and energy design according to PassivHaus and CasaClima standards, and we will be by your side every step of the way.

The planning studio that supports you in each phase of the project,

for an energy efficient home in Salò, Brescia and its province

We specialize in architectural, structural and energy design according to PassivHaus and CasaClima standards, and we will be by your side every step of the way.

Live your home in a new and efficient way with a tailor-made project that aims for the highest energy and living comfort standards

Ing. Roberto Alessi

Owner of Studio Alessi
CasaClima consultant
PassivHaus designer
Certified Biosafe technician

Emanuela Ferrari


Andrea Bosio


Riccardo Tantillo


Stefania Bergomi


By our customers’ side to guarantee high-quality living, since 1980. 

“From father to son.

Studio Alessi stands for passion and commitment in the field of structural and architectural design, aiming at achieving the highest standards in terms of comfort and energy efficiency. 

Our history dates back to the beginning of the 1980’s, when our studio was founded by my father, Dario Alessi, who was a very talented surveyor. 

When I was young, I used to go along with my father on site inspections, I saw his renovation and energy requalification projects come to life, and I soon realized that my future would look exactly like that. And it was precisely on a construction site, together with him and those clients whom he never ceased to amaze, that I understood that architectural, structural and energy design was my true passion.

I studied with commitment and dedication, and after many years of training and hard work, I took over the family business to continue to follow its tradition of high quality and innovation. And I can never thank my father enough for the passion he passed on to me, and for those sound values that I hold and that help me face everyday challenges in the right way.

As an engineer specializing in the field of structural and architectural planning of energy efficient buildings, I have acquired extensive knowledge and experience throughout the years. After getting my university degree in Civil Engineer at the University of Brescia, I also obtained three other valuable degrees: 

CasaClima energy consultant, in 2013

Certified PassivHaus designer, in 2014 

Certified Biosafe technician, in 2021

My natural inclination to new challenges and continuous improvement, both on a personal and professional level, inspires me to promote growth and continuous development together with my team.

Today, I have the chance to work in my planning studio in Salò (Brescia) with a team of young, dynamic and highly skilled professionals, who are convinced, just like me, that the planning of energy efficient passive houses can be key to a better and more environmentally friendly future. 

Thanks to great attention to details and passion for sustainable building, we have been able to craft successful eco-friendly and low-energy projects based on the specific needs of our customers.

And we stand ready to face the new challenges ahead, to work on your house project and ensure high-quality living with custom solutions to meet your needs. 

We are here to design the house of your dreams, a low-energy house, and to ensure a unique experience of high-quality living. 

We are here for you, to help you live every day in a comfortable and healthy home.

Engineer Roberto Alessi

7 good reasons why you should choose our planning studio for your comfortable and energy efficient home in Brescia and its province


We specialize in PassivHaus and CasaClima designs for energy efficient house renovations and new construction.


We never settle for standard solutions, but rather we come up with specific solutions for each project to live up to your expectations.


We design your project based on your needs and we always show up on the construction site, paying utmost attention to construction works.


We can recommend to you trustworthy businesses and professionals with whom we’ve been cooperating for years for a guaranteed turnkey project. 


We are committed to coordinating all the experts working on the construction site to avoid any setbacks or delays, and we keep you posted on how the process evolves at all times. 


We never leave you once construction works are over: we keep supporting you to guarantee the best living experience.


We believe in the promises we make our customers, and we always go the extra mile to make sure that they have the best experience with our planning studio. 

Design your energy efficient home with us and enjoy the result

Choose our planning studio for your energy efficient home in Brescia and its province: invest in your future with a light heart and never compromise when it comes to your expectations.

What can we do for you?

Feasibility study for new construction and renovations

Analysis and strategic study of the project for guaranteed results  

PassivHaus and CasaClima architectural and structural planning

Advanced solutions for maximum energy efficiency

Photorealistic 3D rendering showing every detail of the project

Safety coordination during each step of planning and construction works

Comprehensive project management: from planning to works on the construction site

Property consultancy and detailed appraisals.


in Salò, Brescia and its province

«We came to know about Studio Alessi almost by chance, as we saw some online posts about Superbonus state incentive and energy requalification.

We got in touch with them as we were eager to find out more and to understand what could be done to our house.

Engineer Alessi gave us a warm welcome and, having understood our needs, he designed the best solution for us, supporting us each step of the way up until the end.

Throughout the summer we’ve had the chance to witness first-hand the great energy performance of our home, with more comfortable (cooler) rooms and lower energy consumption thanks to a reduced use of air conditioning and the installation of solar panels.

What else? We can’t wait to spend the winter in our house».

Oliver and Silvia

«We’ve known Studio Alessi for years now, and we decided to entrust them with the renovation of our house because we are fully aware of their competence in terms of energy efficiency.

During the preliminary phase we explained our main issues, such as the presence of moisture in some rooms and the fact that some rooms were absolutely uninhabitable due to excessive heat during the summer.

The selected solutions included roof and wall insulation, a new heating system and a controlled mechanical ventilation system.

We spent the first summer in our house after the renovation, and we were able to achieve the expected result and to use all rooms, keeping a cool temperature inside without turning on the AC.

Winter proved to be even better, as we only turned on the heating in December for a few days, and the temperature inside the house was always comfortable, with unprecedented air quality».

Patrizia and Michele

«We chose Studio Alessi for the renovation project of our house because we were seeking to improve our living comfort and save some money on our energy bills. 

Renovation works ended in November 2021 and, after one whole winter in our “new” home, it is safe to say that the results exceeded our expectations. 

Our energy consumption for heating and hot water dropped by 50%, and comfort in our house increased significantly. 

Our house is no longer cold and uncomfortable, it is now warm and cosy, and we spend less!

We are totally satisfied with the job they did, and we wish we had done all of this much earlier».

Mauro and Ilaria


in Salò, Brescia and its province