LivIng Alessi

Professionals specializing in energy efficient comfort.

LivIng Alessi

Professionals specializing in energy efficient comfort.

New construction and renovations in Brescia and its province according to PassivHaus and CasaClima standards

We help you design and build a building which aims at reaching the highest standards in terms of comfort, safety and energy efficiency, never compromising when it comes to obtaining the result that you expect.

And we do so by following our method, with 100% guaranteed results!

NEW CONSTRUCTION in the Province of Brescia 

Are you planning on building your house? 

We can set up a customized project to suit your needs in terms of comfort and energy efficiency, with innovative solutions and a special focus on sustainability. 

Why settle for a house which is made with traditional building techniques, if you can enjoy true comfort and energy efficiency in a passive house?

Thanks to our energy planning according to PassivHaus and CasaClima standards, you will save money by living in a safe, comfortable and healthy house with minimum effort.   


Are you planning a house renovation? 

We can help you with top-notch techniques to help you find your wellbeing in a comfy environment, with perfect thermal and acoustic insulation. 

Why settle for conventional renovations and redevelopments, when you can choose the best in terms of comfort, energy efficiency and air quality in your rooms? 

Renovations carried out according to PassivHaus and CasaClima standards ensure true and certified results, and you will no longer have to worry about thermal insulation, condensation and mold in your house. 

New construction and renovations in Brescia and its province: do you know what it means to live in a PASSIVE HOUSE?

Picture a home which stays warm during the winter and cool in the summer, with low energy consumption and with rooms where mold and condensation will never appear (even if you never open your windows).

Well, this is not just a dream! Such houses have already been on the market for years, and we can help you achieve this very goal: a “tailor-made passive house to suit your needs”

We specialize in energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

But what exactly is a passive house? 

A building that maximizes its building envelope (highly insulated walls and windows) by eliminating all thermal spots, which are the main cause of thermal dispersion and of all mold and condensation issues in your house. 


Maximum comfort is guaranteed in all seasons also thanks to the planning of performing systems and modern Controlled Mechanical Ventilation systems for you to breath clean air at all times, without opening your windows. 


A passive house works thanks to the synergy of all these elements. 


We have designed from scratch several passive houses in Salò, Brescia and on the shores of Lake Garda, but we have also renovated many “sick” houses (where mold, condensation and costly electricity bills were a regular), thereby cutting consumptions of up to 90% and creating safe environments for our customers’ health. 

An existing building can be turned into a Passive House as well through a detailed and specific planning.

Want a comfortable house in all seasons and with guaranteed low consumptions?

New construction and renovations in Brescia and its province with premium energy efficiency and guaranteed comfort with the Method LivIng Alessi

Our mission is to deliver highly energy efficient buildings embodying the principles of green architecture. 

We work methodically and we never compromise when it comes to the quality, comfort and sustainability of our projects, which we follow in all steps. 

Whether you are thinking about building a new house or renovating it, we guarantee maximum comfort and sustainability thanks to our specialization in structural, architectural and energy planning according to PassivHaus and CasaClima standards. 

If you are looking for a structural and architectural planning studio that can provide you with the best solutions for energy efficient house building or renovation, we are here to guarantee the best results.

And we do so in 4 steps with the method LivIng Alessi!


We listen carefully to your requests and we try to understand your needs fully.

Through our customized consultancy, we are able to design your project from the very beginning just the way you want, thereby avoiding any issue or unexpected problem during subsequent steps. 

Our attention to details and our competence in the field of energy efficient houses do the rest. 


To us, clarity is key to success in our projects. We plan each and every step of the project with precision and attention to details, in order to guarantee a clear and comprehensible project, far from unintelligible figures and formulas.


We will get into detail about each aspect of the project with you in order to find the perfect solutions to suit your needs. And we will deliver to you our executive drawings as well.


Our team is always by your side to guarantee a project with no mistakes.

Thanks to our specializations and competence, we avoid design errors typical of traditional construction methods and we deliver a precise, reliable and customized project. 

With us, you will be able to experience the process of building or renovating your home without having to worry about a thing, because we will monitor the entire process on the construction site.


The result will match your expectations just perfectly, because it will be made to measure for your needs and certified in accordance with PassivHaus, CasaClima and BioSafe standards. 


And once construction works are over, we will stay at your disposal to support you in everything you need: we will be by your side once the works are done to guarantee the best living experience.

LivIng Alessi for new construction and renovations in Brescia and its province: our projects for premium indoor comfort and maximum energy efficiency

We specialize in energy efficient, high-quality living and we are ready to work on your house project to ensure low-energy, custom-made, high-quality living to suit your needs. 

Based on your needs, we design a project with specific solutions which we will explain to you in a clear and detailed way.

We monitor the construction site up close to avoid drawbacks and delays, and we keep you posted on how the process evolves at all times. 

Those who rely on Studio Alessi for new construction and renovations in Salò, Brescia and its province can count on the professionalism of a well-structured office, which supports its clients up until the end of the project, for guaranteed and certified results. 

This is what LivIng Alessi is all about 100%

Planning according to PassivHaus standards

Energy demand of buildings made in accordance with PassivHaus standard is about 75% lower than that of new buildings made with traditional methods, with a significant reduction in both building management costs and in terms of CO2 emissions, thereby contributing to fighting global warming.

The PassivHaus Institut was founded in Darmstadt (Germany)  in 1988, by Wolfgang Feist (physicist) and Bo Adamson (structural engineer), who came up with a design standard for buildings with a low energy demand (NZEB Nearly Zero Energy Building) and high quality and indoor comfort. The first building having received this certification was built in 1990 in the city of Darmstadt, and its performances and indoor comfort still remain unaltered today.

Planning according to CasaClima standards

Through monitoring activities carried out during all phases of the project (planning, construction and once construction works are over), CasaClima design standard guarantees the realization or renovation of buildings meeting high standards in terms of quality, comfort, indoor air quality and low energy demand.

A building having received CasaClima certification acquires additional value on the market in terms of comfort, and can be classified as a high-quality building.

The agency CasaClima is a “public body of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano” dealing with the training of technicians and businesses and the certifying of buildings in accordance with its standard.

BioSafe Protocol

BioSafe is a protocol designed by Arch for assessing, analysing and certifying Indoor Environmental Quality. Leopoldo Busa.

High concentrations of pollutants and cancer-causing agents are often found in indoor spaces, where we spend most of our time. Through a thorough planning, assessment and analysis protocol over time, BioSafe aims to prevent the accumulation of pollutants and to guarantee high standards in terms of indoor air quality.
The activity is carried out throughout the territory by Certified Technicians having completed the training.
Certified BioSafe Technicians, like us at Studio Alessi, carry out air quality analysis on existing buildings and design specific improvement interventions in order to reduce the content of pollutants which could potentially harm our health.