CasaClima project in Brescia: new living spaces at Villa Capriolo

A CasaClima project for more room at home. 

Picture living in a house that you love, but having to come to terms with limited space and the need to find a solution to create new spaces, without giving up maximum energy efficiency and comfort. 

This was exactly what our customers had to deal with, and we solved their problem by adding an additional storey and by enhancing the building. By working with great professionalism and specialization in energy-efficient CasaClima projects, we were able to achieve a great result and create a new separate housing unit equipped with all comforts. 

This is the villa before our interventions:

This is the result of our CasaClima project for a new storey with premium living comfort: 

Silvia Affini Photographer” 

<H2> CasaClima project for Villa Capriolo in Portese on Lake Garda: an additional storey in an existing building for new A-class living spaces.

We chose a timber frame to guarantee maximum energy efficiency thanks to the excellent thermal insulating properties of this material. And we also complied with rigid CasaClima standards in terms of energy efficiency to design the building, aiming at obtaining an A-class energy certification.

And indeed, this is exactly what we did, by installing thermal solar panels for sanitary hot water production and by installing a heat recovering Controlled Mechanical Ventilation system for air ventilation. By opting for these solutions, we were able to guarantee high-quality living and low energy demand.

Thanks to our CasaClima planning, we were able to meet the highest standards in terms of energy efficiency and to help our client save money on the energy bills and enjoy a superior quality of life at home. Moreover, the new detached housing unit allowed our customers to have more room in their house, which is now worth a lot more, without giving up their privacy and comfort.

<H3> New construction and renovations in Brescia and its province according to PassivHaus and CasaClima standards 

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Picture of Eng. Roberto Alessi

Eng. Roberto Alessi