(Villanuova Sul Clisi)

(Villanuova Sul Clisi)

«We’ve known Studio Alessi for years now, and we decided to entrust them with the renovation of our house because we are fully aware of their competence in terms of energy efficiency.

During the preliminary phase we explained our main issues, such as the presence of moisture in some rooms and the fact that some rooms in the attic were absolutely uninhabitable due to excessive heat during the summer”.

This were the words of Patrizia and Michele, owners of a three-family villa from the 1990’s, which we renovated with innovative and tailor-made solutions.  They reached out to us because they were facing serious issues in their house and they were fed up with their uncomfortable rooms and with having to spend enormous amounts of money on their electricity bills. 

Did we manage to satisfy their needs in terms of comfort and energy efficiency? 

“We spent the first summer in our house after the renovation, and we believe that we were able to achieve the expected result and to use all rooms, keeping a cool temperature inside without turning on the AC. Winter proved to be even better, as we only turned on the heating in December for a few days, and the temperature inside the house was always comfortable, with unprecedented air quality». – Patrizia and Michele

Apparently, we did! Mission accomplished. 

But what exactly did we do? 

This is where we started: 

The project involved a comprehensive renovation of the villa: during the initial consultancy, which is the first fundamental step of the process in which we understand how we can help our customers, our clients explained how they wanted to carry out an energy redevelopment of the building, as it was always cold during the winter and too hot during the summer. And they were also fed up with having to pay for expensive energy bills without enjoying full comfort in those rooms that they were planning to redesign.

After carrying out a thorough analysis of their specific needs and the critical elements of the case, we got to work and started to design a custom-made renovation project to guarantee high-quality living

In particular, this is what we did: 

  • planning of a new re-distribution of indoor spaces which could be more functional for Patrizia and Michele;
  • porch enclosure to create a living space to be used all year round, thereby maximizing space in the living room;
  • planning and realization of EPS grey external thermal coating, insulation of the stone wool covering and new pvc window frames with insulated monoblocs with shutter holders, to create a building enclosure with no dispersions;
  • planning of a new underfloor heating and air conditioning system with heat pump and Controlled Mechanical Ventilation in all rooms to breath clean air at all times, without necessarily having to open the windows.

This is the final result of our interventions: 

Why settle for conventional renovations and redevelopment works, when you can get the best in terms of comfort, energy efficiency and air quality in your rooms? 

Renovations carried out according to PassivHaus and CasaClima standards ensure true and certified results, and you will no longer have to worry about thermal insulation, costly energy bills, air quality and poor living comfort in your house.

Come see us in our studio to find out more about our design Method. 

Picture of Eng. Roberto Alessi

Eng. Roberto Alessi