“Can an outdated and cold basement turn into a warm and cosy home?

As it turns out, it can!

We were able to create a marvellous home starting from here: 

A dark, cold, humid and impersonal basement.

Now, picture what it could turn into with a tailor-made renovation according to PassivHaus and CasaClima protocols. Actually, don’t bother using your imagination. We can show you right away the pictures we took once the renovation was over. 

Let’s begin with the living room, where we embraced a combination of energy efficiency and aesthetic features. It is often believed that thermal insulation and design do not go hand in hand, but we are about to prove people wrong. Have a look at these pictures and find out how we debunked the myth: 

Thanks to insulated walls, wide glass surfaces, underfloor heating systems and controlled mechanical ventilation, we created a beautiful, low-energy and comfortable home!

What do you think of the bedroom and bathroom? Have a look here: 

We kept the existing stone vault and wooden tie-rods in the bedroom and we added a personal touch to the interior design to make the room bright and comfortable. Our clients were enthusiastic about the result, and their satisfaction is what matters the most to us.

In the bathroom, we preserved the stone vaults and the original wooden tie-rods by integrating them in a modern context. 

And we also managed to create a modern, bright and functional home office. 

This renovation project is a perfect example of the great difference that a detailed planning can make, and of the fact that PassivHaus and CasaClima designs can guarantee the comfort, energy efficiency and safety that you have always dreamed of. Also when it comes to renovating your old house. Or a dark basement!

Want to find out more or tell us about your project? Don’t hesitate to get in touch! We will be waiting for you in our office to discuss your ideas and show you how we can transform your house into a masterpiece of efficiency and beauty.

Picture of Eng. Roberto Alessi

Eng. Roberto Alessi